Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Stages Of Germination Of Seeds

friends with benefits (No Strings Attached)

Do not saw this movie a few weeks ago? One moment ... No, that was Love and Other Drugs . Although, to be fair, the world can never have enough compelling stories about couples who decide to have a purely sexual relationship, only to discover that they are falling in love, which of course ruins everything. Who has not been the same?

The central couple of friends with benefits consists of Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman), friends since childhood of being left for several years until that happened to be located and, almost unwittingly, were beginning to sneak "encounters" that leave them satisfied sexually without emotional complications. The situation seems perfect for both, but when they start to emerge hints of romance should question whether they want to proceed with something that could become "love," or whether it is better to break the link that unnecessarily complicate their lives.

In the context of romantic comedies the idea of \u200b\u200b"sex without love" can be attractive because it represents something of an "anti-romance" that defies expectations and conventions gender. Unfortunately, no one (to my knowledge) has dared to take the concept to its natural consequences, without bringing the obligatory romance that leads to the inevitable happy ending. Perhaps if the director Ivan Reitman have found a realistic and satisfactory way of maintaining the integrity of his characters and ideology, Friends with Rights would be more interesting. Unfortunately, Reitman and his writers do not even try, and the result is predictable and irritating film that offers no surprise, no emotions, no laughter. I can partly attribute the problem to the soft splashing argument dialogues with profanity and graphic sexual references to look sophisticated, when in reality he is betraying his desperation to make us laugh, even with his "audacity." However, I believe that the main culprits are the actors.

I do not automatically hate everything that makes Ashton Kutcher (I assure you I have nothing against him), but it's so easy to hate that even I can look at their performance. In any case I assume that maybe fans still enjoy Rights Friends with the brief appearance of her bare ass, or his characteristic attitude combined immature nerd looking male model. As for Natalie Portman , it is more difficult to describe the situation. Honestly I think it's one of the best actresses working today (much more talented veteran divas like Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman or Jessica Simpson) (Ja! Wanted to see if you were paying attention). However, I recognize that comedy is not one of its strengths. Or rather, it is not his strong suit the style of comedy that uses friends with benefits, even though it fails strives to make credible the "chemistry" with Kutcher, nor heard honest with parliaments as "That hole is my bitch! ". On the other hand, this limitation in his acting range may prevent take the road Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson or Amanda Seyfried, wasting his talent in horrible romantic comedies. Anyway I appreciate the commitment shown by the horrible Portman script, and his enthusiasm for tackling many of the scenes in her underwear.

Anyway ... I suppose there are enough "star power" friends with benefits satisfied to leave some viewers, which I respect totally. But personally I felt it was a wasted opportunity to do something more interesting the concept of "friends with benefits." Speaking of waste, also thanked the efforts of the supporting cast (including the solid comedians Abby Elliot, Lake Bell, Mindy Kaling and Greta Gerwig), which occasionally made me smile (for example, with the imitation that makes Elliot pixariano some fish). As for the semi-legendary filmmaker Ivan Reitman, I think by now has become a better producer ( Up in the Air ) that director ( My Super Ex-Girlfriend ); hopefully continue to thrive in that capacity . So, although I can not recommend it, I admit it may There is an audience for Friends with Rights. Too bad I'm too old and ugly to identify with the problems of beautiful people, otherwise I probably would have seemed more realistic this movie. Not to mention, went missing twice.
Rating: 5


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